Stank Breath

On a mission trip in Mexico, we were riding on the bus back to the church we were staying at, after an exhausting day. There were a bunch of groups together. The praise leader’s son was sitting up front with me. He didn’t really fit in with the other kids.

He told me a funny joke and I responded by telling him a joke, too. He was sitting across from me and as I spoke, he slowly put two fingers, one into each nostril. I had stank breath, apparently.


Funny story, I quit drinking for many years when I was 23. I figured my four year old deserved that. I was in AA and I got a bumper sticker that said: Honk If You’re a Friend Of Bill W. So, people would, sometimes. You can imagine my response to being honked at by strangers. lol. I usually got the gist of what they were doing while our eyes still were locked and I’d smile and wave. oh man, what a badly thought out idea for someone newly sober.

Chiles Rellenos

When I was in Mexico one time on a charity trip, the ladies of the church put on a lunch to raise more money for their building. The chiles rellenos they made were so kick butt good I begged them for the recipe. They wrote it down IN SPANISH. I’ve moved so many times since then, I’ve lost the recipe and never got it translated. Such a bummer!1655939_544507616659_5543240246636049558_n


Surprise Caller

One New Year’s Eve afternoon about eight or ten years ago, my phone rang and I saw on the caller id the same last name as I have. It’s not a common name, so every once in a while when someone hits town, they’ll look the name up and call everyone listed.

I answered and there was a lady on the other end of the phone. I told her that it was my married name and that I had been divorced for many years. I also said that I’m from Minnesota and most of that family lives in the town of Hastings, MN, near the Wisconsin border. I also mentioned that there is a Truax Field somewhere in Wisconsin. The lady chuckled and said, “Yes, I happen to know about that field because I’m a pilot.”  I said, “No kidding? I’m a pilot, too. What do you fly?” She replied in a very humble way, “I’m a Blackhawk pilot.”

I was of course, very amazed and said so. She said she was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base and was a captain.  I said something about the response she must get from males, as I’ve experienced surprise from male pilots, too.  She chuckled and told me that the best part of the job was de-briefing generals on her latest mission.

We never did meet in person, but it was the most unusual “are we related?” phone call I ever got.