Someone Saved My Life At a Moody Blues Concert

I saw The Moody Blues with my friend Wendy in about 1999 or so at the Target Center. When they started playing some of their “new stuff” I got up to find the ladies’ room, get a hot pretzel and buy my son a baseball cap. When I went back, I went to the right section but the wrong set of stairs. So, I stood there in the dark nervously looking for my friend while unconsciously taking bite after bite of my pretzel. My throat was dry, too, from being nervous.

Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t swallow and I had a piece of pretzel lodged in my throat. Instead of panicking, I quickly found an usher, did the international sign for I am choking, which is holding a hand up around your throat. I think he knew right away what was up. I turned around and lifted my arms and he did the Heimlich Maneuver on me and pop, out came the pretzel.

I never thought my life would be saved at a Moody Blues concert, but it is kind of appropriate. They used to say so many people sought them out for answers to life’s mysteries. Hence the song, “I’m Just a Singer In a Rock and Roll Band.” Not very many people know this story.

National Dog Day

A friend, Peter, posted a photograph of himself and a Weimeranar saying, A Weimeranar raised me.

I love that breed. I dog sat one that was still a puppy, but full grown. His mom and dad who were newlyweds on their second go-round both, had Weimeranar’s as children (partly why they were attracted to one another). They were actually thinking of getting rid of him because of his big personality and they couldn’t make him mind. When they got home, the mom called and said, “What did you do? This is a different dog. He’s so good now.” I just made him mind. And not in a mean way. It was for his own good, I knew what mom and dad were considering and I had ten days to change their minds.

She asked me, “Did you let him sleep on the bed?” I answered truthfully, “Yes, I did.” She said, we could tell and laughed about it. An They were so grateful and I was happy they kept him.

My National Dog Day Afternoon story. I’m so glad Peter shared the picture. It’s adorable and reminded me of something I did a long time ago and rarely think of. I now live in a rented condo and can’t have pets. There’s not much I can do about that, since rent is ridiculously high in Anchorage and I just don’t have the finances to move. I can, however, appreciate other people’s pets.

Clean Sheet Night!

Clean Sheet Night, is there anything better? Well, yeah, I suppose there is, but what a great feeling it is to get into a bed made up with freshly laundered, smooth, cool, sweet smelling, crisp sheets.

I read in a book about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis that when she was married to the shipping magnate, her silk sheets were clean everyday. They were changed in the morning for her afternoon nap and changed after her nap for a night of clean sheets and sweet dreams.

When I came home from the hospital following a total hip replacement, I took a couple of weeks off before I went back to work. I was supposed to be up and around doing physical therapy, but even so, I spent quite a lot of time in bed. I was also not used to so much idle time. So, I decided to treat myself and I washed my sheets every other day.

It was tricky making up that bed by myself, but with so much time on my hands, I was in no hurry to get it done. Lying in a bed that had been freshly made up was a way I had of helping myself to heal from such a traumatic surgery.

If you’re going through tough times, especially if you’re all on your own, like I am here in Alaska, do things to comfort yourself. Splurge on a bunch of fresh flowers once in a while, use the good china or wash your sheets every couple of days, so you’re surrounded in comfort. Do little things like that rather than boozing it up or overeating or just sitting and staring at the tv, endlessly.

Clean sheet night for me is usually Saturday night, but if I’m having tough times at work or long distance family problems or maybe I’m a little broke, I might just treat myself to an extra clean sheet night that week.

Clean sheets, my favorite!

Lord, send me a sign!

When I was twenty-six years old, I decided to go to college. I had an eight year old son and was tired of being a secretary. I spent a rainy afternoon in a counselor’s office at the University of Minnesota filling out endless applications for grants and loans and of course, applying for acceptance to the liberal arts program.

At one point, the counselor excused himself from the office and was gone several minutes. I was very nervous about taking this step. That school is so big and this was such a new experience I didn’t even know what questions to ask, let alone know any answers. This was before I was in any kind of church. I had always been a prayer. So, I stood staring out the windows of the counselor’s office. It was a “garden level” office, meaning that the bottoms of the windows were chest high, making my view of the street, eye level.

As I stood there scared and praying and wondering if I was making the right decision, a uniformless U of M marching band went marching by, playing a rousing march. I was dumbfounded for a couple of seconds and then laughed quietly to myself. I took that as a sign from the University itself, welcoming me. When the counselor returned, he found a much more confident and calm applicant.

A few weeks later, a letter of acceptance arrived. I’m quite sure I still have it.