Our Cedar Closet

When I was a kid growing up at the house on Medicine Lake, we went through our clothes twice a year. We had a great big walk-in cedar closet that even had a window with a little door. We could open it and peek out to the front yard and lake. We always changed out our clothes from winter to summer and back again and stored what we weren’t using in there.

I haven’t stored my off-season clothes in years. While doing laundry close to Christmas, I was trying to stuff all my t-shirts into one drawer when I suddenly remembered what we did when I was a kid. I am enjoying a lot more room in the dresser and the memory of that long ago tradition.

I Miss Gardening

I live in a condo complex, I miss gardening. I hang plants. I also curse the man or woman who invented gas leaf blowers and grass trimmers. The landscape company who works around here isn’t very organized, sometimes two or three dudes with trimmers and blowers will go over the same area one time each. Then they think the dumpster area right outside my window is the outdoor lavatory.

Herbie Hancock

I went to a Herbie Hancock concert once in the late 70s. Right toward the end of the concert (first show) I saw a guy running down the side aisle. I assumed he was a roadie or a sound man. Nope. He was a crazed person. The guy leaped onto the stage, dived right into Herbie, knocking him and his keyboard over.

Six or seven large security guys were on him in a split second. They picked him up and his body was rigid, in a sitting position, only he wasn’t sitting. The real roadies swarmed the stage, plugged Herbie back in and he continued as if nothing had happened. That was the last song and he exited the stage without speaking to the audience.

Later, I heard from late show attendees that he talked about it to them and said nothing even close to that had ever happened to him. I guess that puts a different angle on “Minnesota Nice”.

Running for student council president.

My son ran for student council president when he was a junior. My ex was a teacher at the school (a small Christian school in Minnesota). We made his campaign a family project.

Each evening we’d come up with a new slogan and then make a nice poster on tagboard. Since the ex was a teacher there, he and Shaun always got there before most of the student body. Kids would get to school and there’d be another well made, well placed poster waiting. Later in the day there would be hastily scrawled posters around the school on notebook paper.

Shaun won, although, he almost lost it during his speech when he got negative. He got booed. Later, I got to know his opponent on a trip we always took students on, to Haiti. She was a charming, funny, intelligent girl. Shaun DID make a great student council president, though. Memories/good times.

TCM Letter Writing Campaign #DontTouchTCM #TCMParty @TCM


It gives us a sense of history. I love seeing a young person discover the stars we all know and love. TCM is one of two channels I watch with any regularity. Please leave TCM the way it is. It is your gift to the world Mr. Turner. I for one, thank you.

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The theme of the 2014 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival was “The Ties that Bind” and while I know the folks at TCM are aware of how deeply those ties are rooted throughout the community of classic film fans who love and support the network, I’m not sure Turner Broadcasting as a whole is aware.  When the news came out yesterday that Turner Broadcasting was making cuts our hearts and minds immediately turned toward TCM.  Although we can’t possibly know what’s on the horizon the mere thought that our beloved home of the classics and those who make it work may be affected spread fear in our world and we feel a sense of duty to do what we can.

My friend, Elise of The LA Rambler has written a letter to Turner Broadcasting that I am sharing the link to on Once Upon a Screen with her permission, adding my plea…

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Tour of King Salmon’s Air Force Base

My son came to visit me in King Salmon, when I worked on the afb. He got to stay in my extra dorm room and eat there for free.

We got a tour of the CAC from a former Master Sergeant who came back as a contractor. He showed us a map with little pins in it. All different heads on them, representing the different teams that had stayed there with their jets.

Each pin represented an engagement with Russian Migs and what have you. It was to say the least, an awesome tour. Those guys never leave their jets. They sleep, eat, workout in the same building their jets are hangared in, while on a deployment. There, fun story about living and working on an afb in Alaska.

Tormenting Your Grown Child Is Possible!

My son is a meticulous person, never a thing out of place (although he never dusts) and he’s probably saved every receipt and card and photo he’s ever gotten.

One night he was coming over for dinner and was meeting a guy I was dating for the first time. Shaun would often come over and I’d always have a giant meal for him (he’s almost 6’4″) and also doesn’t cook. So, I’d send tons of food home with him in my Tupperware containers.

This particular evening he brought a bunch of my containers back in a grocery bag, a paper one. And they weren’t common then either, no idea where he got it. Anyway, in front of my friend, just to torment Shaun (because he’s equally capable of tormenting me) I opened the bag and stuck my face in there and said, “Did you wash them?” Oh to see the look on his face. Really got him good! It still makes me laugh!