Instrument flying

Another student and I were working on our instrument and so with our instructor we took off and shot a bunch of approaches between MIC and Oshkosh. We were in a 172. The other student went first, so I was sitting in back. When we got into the clouds I got a terrible case of claustrophobia. All I could see were these two big backs of the instructor and the other student and nothing but soup in front of us. Peer pressure won out over the claustrophobia. I was the only female and didn’t want to be made fun of for wanting to go back. So, if I looked out the side, I could still see the ground, that helped a lot. Then when I couldn’t see the ground anymore, I spotted an avionics manual and started reading that. Pretty dry reading. Later I confessed and they actually admired me for exercising my will over my psychosis.


Student Pilot Story

Someone just posted a video on Facebook of an unmanned plane taking off. It reminded me about the time I did something similar. Luckily, my plane didn’t make a solo without me. Our flight school, Crystal Skyways, had removed all the handbrakes out of the Cessna152s and 172s. One day I was in a 152 sitting at the end of the runway waiting for clearance to take off when I noticed that the oil door was open. This plane was a bear to start and I really didn’t want to shut it down. Ugh. So, I actually jumped out, ran around the backside of the plane,¬†slammed the oil door shut and got back in the plane. I’m sure the tower was watching and wondering what that crazy lady was doing. I think I’ve admitted this to at least one other person. Now it’s the first story I’ve posted on my blog. :)




Business is booming–for real.


The phone has been ringing off the hook, if it had a hook. I’ve gone from broke to being overwhelmed by the amount of business coming in at a pace that I can see will be a challenge to handle, very soon.

The big problem is recruiting dependable workers who appreciate having a job and aren’t giving me a bunch of conditions. My new assistant now tells me that she must be done each day at 3 to pick up her children from school. They live a block from school one of them is 9 and the other is 7. It’s not like they’re babies and it’s only a block.

This girl shows a lot of initiative and we get along fairly well. She also wants a two week vacation at the end of April. I don’t have a clue as to how to deal with it. I guess I just keep interviewing people and look for someone who won’t come to me with a bunch of conditions. This job could work into full time and make money for everyone.

Just thinking outloud. Staffing is my biggest problem right now. I need advice and possibly some training in management skills. That is all