Han Solo Fueled Up Here

Han Solo (aka Harrison Ford)  tied down over night and fueled up at my fbo when he was learning to fly. He really bounced it in and the instructor was sitting out there so long yelling at him, that the owner finally walked out there to break it up by asking, “Are you tying down here for the night?” He already knew full well that he was. 

 His wife was the tower supervisor and when they called ahead and asked for a place to tie down, she of course, directed them to Crystal Skyways. There was a big limo waiting for them.  If you can afford to go on a really long trip with your instructor, that’s the best way to learn how to fly, very quickly.

Settle Down Girls

One night my sister and I were upstairs in our bedroom giggling a little too late and mom sent dad upstairs to deal with us. I was about five and Dawn was around four. There stood our handsome father at the foot of our bed gently promising that he would take his belt off and spank us if we didn’t settle down and go to sleep. I remember giggling inspite of myself and dad asking what was so funny. I said, “Dad, if you take your belt off, your pants will fall down!” At that, I lost control and laughed and laughed. I don’t really remember the rest of the conversation. But I know we didn’t get spanked that night.

Best Coffee in Minneapolis

You should have a cup at my house sometime. My German grandma introduced me to strong coffee, a co-worker at a non-profit gently encouraged me to progress, many years ago and now I’m far beyond what even he taught me. So, I’ve had my coffee mentors.

In a church I used to belong to we had a bachelor pastor who was much older than I was, nearly old enough to be my grandfather, but not quite. Often he would come to my house for Sunday dinner along with my girlfriend Cathy who was also single at the time. We called ourselves the “Lonely Hearts Club.” Frankly, I think I was the only lonely one in the bunch.

Our little church had a lot of little old ladies who were either widows or had husbands who refused to come to church. They vied for his attention and he was quite generous in paying attention to them (in a totally pastoral way). However, how are they going to compete with a 28 year old Gwen, who already knew how to cook? He secretly told me one time: “Gwen, you make the best coffee in Minneapolis, but don’t tell anyone I said so.” His secret was safe with me. I moved on to a larger church, once I got engaged and that ended the Lonely Hearts Club. We still had him for Sunday lunch, quite often after we got married. He has since passed away, several years ago. I sometimes miss those Sunday dinners with Pastor Quesnell and Cathy.

Mmmm-coffee, grandma, co-worker who’s name I can’t remember, Pastor Earl Quesnell and Cathy, all a part of my fledgling days of becoming a coffee snob.